M. Graham Artist Oil Paint Burnt Sienna 5oz Tube

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Brand M. Graham & Co.
Model 51-020
Color Burnt Sienna
Size 5 oz

  • Artist quality oil paint made with walnut oil
  • Increased pigment loads for stronger and more vibrant colors
  • Colors retain their clarity and are free from the discoloration associated with other drying oils
  • Solvent free system of traditional oil painting
  • Made in the USA

  • The most beautiful and easily worked burnt sienna color produced today. Each color is made in small batches, to offer clarity, depth, richness and permanence. Our color is crafted from artists' pigments, free from extenders or adulterants and dispersed in pure non-yellowing American walnut oil, these paints provide color that is more naturally alive and brilliant. Using walnut oil allows us to increase the amount of pigment in each color, resulting in extraordinary richness, color saturation, brilliance and tinting strength. Intermixable and compatible with all other oils, varnish and mediums including alkyd resin products.